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[UDDP] - Toolbar

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Geschrieben 12 January 2007 - 09:56 PM

The [UDDP]-Toolbar is now availibal in the version 1.0

Downloadpage for Internet Explorer and Firefox

We are committed to the privacy and security of our users. Our software is completely safe to install and use: it is unobtrusive, easy to deactivate and remove, and does not transmit any information in a manner that can identify a user. Unidentifiable statistics are sent to our system regarding usage of toolbar features. The statistics are completely anonymous and do not contain any personal identification. Firefox Toolbar users are allowed to disable statistical data transfer at any given time. We do not match individual users with their specific Web or toolbar usage and don't share the specifics with anybody. Most importantly, our software does only what it's supposed to do - help users search and surf more effectively. Moreover, our toolbar:

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